Your Consultation

 – What to expect –


If you are considering booking a consultation please contact me to discuss your main health concerns.

You will then receive a comprehensive health questionnaire and 3 day food diary, which you should complete and return to me at least 3 days before your consultation.

These forms are the first steps of the detailed case history that I undertake for each client.


Your first consultation will last between 1.5 and 2 hours

I will discuss your case history, and explain how your current diet and lifestyle may be contributing to your symptoms.

I aim to identify the the root causes and imbalances linked to your health concerns and work with you to devise a dietary and lifestyle programme that is suitable to your specific needs.


Your full Nutrition Programme will be emailed to you within two working days of your consultation.

I encourage clients to keep in touch between consultations.  There is no additional fee for this service.

Nutritional therapy is a process.  Most clients require two to three consultations, but this varies from client to client.  I will recommend follow-up appointments, usually 4-6 weeks, depending on your requirements.


“I consulted Rika earlier this year having suffered bouts of diarrhoea and constipation. Her advice led to me having a much happier ‘tum’ and increased energy.  Four months on and the symptoms have not returned, I benefit daily from her advice.  Thank-you Rika”

Kathryn (Age 62), Digestion

“I found Rika online and contacted her from there. She was extremely quick at getting back to me and arranging an appointment. What stood out for me was the information she required before our first appointment, it was very detailed and gave me so much confidence that Rika really wanted to help me get to the bottom of my issues. From our first meeting, Rika was professional and friendly and at no point made me feel silly or anything about any of my problems, and listened intently and really noted everything down. Her advice and follow up reports were so helpful that I feel after only one appointment I was on the right track. I have since had a follow up appointment and again was not disappointed. I have taken lots away from seeing her and feel relaxed knowing I can contact her again if I need. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rika to anyone with digestive issues or just wanted a better diet, she was outstanding.”

Lauren (Age 31), Bloating

‘After coming off the contraceptive pill having been on it for 10 years, I had not had a period for a year. I sought advice from Rika to look at my diet and suggest anything that I could add to it to achieve a hormone balance. After a month of changing my diet and supplementing it with specific seeds to boost my progesterone and oestrogen levels, I have had a period! I will continue with the seed rotation to ensure regularity. A huge thank you to Rika for her advice and education to enable me to make nutritional changes to benefit my health.’

UPDATE FROM RIKA: I saw this client again just over a year after her first consultation and she was delighted to tell me that she was 14 weeks into her first pregnancy.

Jenny (Age 28), Female Hormones

“I first contacted Rika because I wanted nutrition advice on how to balance my hormones and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. I found her very professional and friendly and I liked how she didn’t just tell me what to eat, but actually explained what is happening physiologically in my body to cause my symptoms. Her approach is very gentle and non-judgmental so if you slip up you don’t feel as though all is lost and there’s no point continuing. She works hand in hand with you and is always there for advice should you need it. Having applied her suggestions into my lifestyle, including adding or reducing certain foods and also taking recommended supplements, I have noticed a massive improvement in my overall wellbeing. My anxiety has gradually reduced and I feel so much happier and healthier within myself…and this is only after 3 months of first seeing her! I have already recommended her to friends and family and will continue to do so.”

Lara (Age 35), Anxiety / Depression

“Having been treated in the past by Kate at Woodfield Physiotherapy, I knew it was a place I could trust when I had a weight problem. I began seeing their nutritionist, Rika Kamper, who has a lovely personality, and she really knows her stuff! I had tried every diet going but always put the weight back on. So, following the completion of a pre-appointment questionnaire, Rika took the time to explain thoroughly how the body uses food and where my weight problems stemmed from. It all made perfect sense and I felt very confident in following her advice about what I should be eating. I am now losing weight steadily – it’s not a quick fix – but once I reach my goal weight, I won’t be returning to old habits. I now have the confidence and the knowledge to solve my weight problem, permanently!”

Sue (Age 66), Weight Loss

“I am 65 and have been struggling with tiredness for at least 5 years – it got so bad that I couldn’t get through the day without going to bed for about 2 hours every afternoon. I’ve heard about Rika from a friend who got great relief from her stomach problems after seeing her. I got some easy-to-follow advice from Rika – she explained in detail what was causing my tiredness. Four weeks later it just felt like I got my old life back. I have so much more energy and I haven’t felt this good in years! And the best of it all is that my skin looks and feels so much better too.”

Wendy (65), Fatigue

“I heard about Rika from my daughter, who went to see her with digestive issues. For the past 18 months, I’ve from chronic urinary infections and about a month ago, I suffered a severe allergic reaction to the antibiotics I was using. Rika recommended some changes to my diet and a couple of supplements and all I can say is that it is just wonderful! I am now free of bladder symptoms and off antibiotics. Thank you so much!”

Catherine (Age 53), Urinary Tract Infection

“I came to see Rika as I have struggled with eczema for the last 5 years – it would start as a lump under the skin, then develop into red patches on my skin which would then slowly disappear after about 6 months. I had 2 patches at the back of my skull and on my back which wouldn’t go away.

It is now 10 weeks after I first saw Rika and I am so relieved to say that all my eczema patches have gone and the skin is clear and smooth. I feel so much better as I am no longer constantly trying not to scratch! Thank you. ”

Jane (Age 60), Eczema

Hi Rika, I came to you initially for help with my lung infections, but my skin has improved so much that I wanted to share this with you: I’ve had eczema all my life, all through childhood, school and university.  After a long line of topical or aural steroid treatments, I started on a course of immune suppressants (Cyclosporine) 3 years ago to which I severely reacted. My legs blew up like balloons while out in the sun on holiday.   A few months later I saw the consultant again and was put on Azathioprine. This dose was reduced gradually over years to try and counteract years of chest infections that became progressively worst whilst I was immune suppressed.

When I came to you a year ago I was routinely coughing up blood, on prescribed antibiotics, waiting for my chest lung biopsy and with eczema rashes back in business…I was about at my wits end.

A year later, the eczema has not all gone. However, where I used to have rashes on arms, legs, face, neck and back, I have just two small areas on the back of my neck and top of back only. The rest of my body is clear!  You know about my lungs, but additionally it looks like my allergy to cats and dogs has disappeared too! The proof recently of this was waking up at my son’s house with his cat sleeping on me. No sneezing or running eyes! Previously, I could not go an hour without having to leave the house for a ‘breather’ or using my inhaler. Now nothing.

You have changed my life profoundly. For that I am truly grateful.”

Phil (age 57), Eczema